Friday, June 3, 2016

In the United States, how to choose electric stew pot?

Electric stew pot is one of the commonly kitchen appliances in modern society ,it can be used for cooking porridge, stew soup. So, in the United States, the majority of Chinese people how to choose and buy electric stew pot? The electric stew pot which is good? What is the main points of buying electric stew pot in United States ?

1.According to the inner pot
Most inner pot of  Electric stew pot in the market made of Purple ,ceramic, or stainless steel .
Proposal to buy ceramic electric stew pot: Because of its  dense texture, smooth surface, thermal effect is good, better heatting insulation, easy clean, no odor, let nutritional ingredients fully release, more conducive for health.

 2.According to the function:
The function of excellent electric stew pot is more practical, more abundant, in addition  stew, it can also steamed, steamed egg, porridge, desserts etc.,it can choose quick stew, and slow cook or steam, insulation and other functions meet the needs of the whole family.

 3. According to the brand
In the United States, there are many electric stew pot brands, such as the Tonze, Welbon, Sonya, Hannex etc. Among them,  Tonze is Chinese electric stew pot first brand,the Tonze DGD22-22EG is the best sales electric stew pot, equip three ceramic inner pot, 9  cooking features, intelligent booking & timing. 120V voltage,use directly in the United States . Understanding the Tonze electric stew pot how, you can view this article < It is the Tonze electric stew pot good or not>

4.According to the safety
Every household appliances, security is very important. Excellent electric stew pot is more intelligent, with booking and timing functions, will automatic anti overflow, water boil dry will auto power off, put an end to the security risks, ensure the safety of users. Suggest to buy brand electric stew pot with higher safety.

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