Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Latest Electric Stew Pot in USA 2016

Electric stew pot is one of the practical kitchen appliances. American market has many electric stew pot products.We can classify them according to the Arand, Style, Function, Size, Appearance, Price and time to market . Then ,which is the latest electric stew pot in USA 2016? What characteristics does the latest electric stew pot had ? If the latest electric stew pot can meet the needs of user well ?

Tonze is first brand  electric stew pot in China , launched the latest products Tonze DGD22-22EG to  United States this year. This electric stew pot is very practical, when it pushed to the market,is populared by a lot of consumers. It with three ceramic inner, the largest is 2.2L, with bigger inner capacity ,  can be used for 2 - 4 person household .

DGD22-22EG has 9 functions, increase new functions as new bird's nest, ginseng, yogurt etc.Its function is rich,more than other brand such as Sonya, Winnie, Hannex etc.Its pot body has double layer , and the inner layer is made of 304 stainless steel that can stew food directly, more convenient for user. With intelligent booking function, the time for up to 10 hours.120V voltage, specifically designed for the user in USA . Understanding this electric stew pot, u can see this article: < Which one is the best electric stew pot in USA? >

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